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Along with the Thuy San 247 communications ecosystem, the technology ecosystem helps users and businesses connect simply and effectively with just


  • iCard 247 - Electronic Business Card
  • iShop 247 - Digital Business Solutions
  • iEvent 247 - Event Solutions
  • iPet247 - Pet Connection
  • And many other specialized products

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and You Will Get More THAN!

The first impression will be decisive in helping you position your image to others. Be professional in your personal branding style with our 1-touch toolkit!

DAKOTA BAO - CEO & Founder’s ThuySAn247 GROUP

4.0 technology ecosystem

iCard 247

Electronic business cards with 1-touch NFC technology, help you create a different impression right from the first meeting. The work diary function and connection to the business iShop help you work effectively anytime, anywhere with just the iCard 247 business card.

iShop 247

Smart business solution with a system connecting customers and employees through iShop 1-touch card. Easy management, connection and simple job evaluation for business owners and department managers. Simple system that integrates with every business.

interconnected technology ecosystem

The feature of linking technology products creates a unique ecosystem of Thuy San 247.

Businesses and users will experience many benefits of the Technology ecosystem when using it.

iCard 247 & iCard247

iCard 247 & iShop 247

iCard 247 & iShop247 & iPet 247

iCard 247 & iShop247 & iPet247 & iEvent 247

iCard 247

iCard 247 is an electronic business card that integrates modern NFC 1-touch technology.

NFC devices are increasingly popular on phones, bracelets, rings... because it is the connection trend of the future.

  • 1 simple touch
  • Secure, professional connection
  • Adjust content easily,
  • Save on printing costs.

With iCard 247 you will get:

  • Designed for individuals/businesses
  • Save work log.
  • See the number of interactions and connections with you.
  • Connect to the business management system
  • Update work on iShop enterprise
  • Long usage time
    • 2 years standard version.
    • Forever with the Premium version)
  • Auto Check in event at iEvent 247.
  • And many other features

iShop 247

Smart business solutions, employee management and customer connection in the digital age.

With iShop 247, businesses can easily connect and transmit information to customers quickly and effectively.

  • Adjust information 24/7
  • 1 touch connection
  • Human Resources Management (iCard 247)
  • Evaluate marketing and promotional effectiveness...
  • Statistics on interaction and work efficiency.
  • Event function at iEvent 247.
  • And many other features...

iEvent Solution 247



No need to wait when arriving at events, users can now check-in with 1 touch right at the event gate and many unique features when entering the exhibition.


The unique feature of iEvent 247 is its connectivity:

  • Visitors to visitors
  • Booth with visitors
  • Organizing committee with booths and visitors.

Enable commerce connections anytime, anywhere through customer access cards and event booths. The entrance card will function as iCard247 during the time guests attend the event.


IEvent 247 is the first technology solution to help visitors and businesses connect and promote trade through public badges. Event organizers can easily manage and update information through badges. Statistics and interaction evaluation for booth partners.

Business people attending an exhibition

PetID247 is a smart collar that identifies pets globally. With many unique features:

  • Online pet identification code records
  • Pet diary every day
  • Service card, medical examination book, passport... all in 1
  • The world's first pet social network:
    • Post a status line
    • Connect with other pets via tags
  • Check in to the event quickly
  • Cards store information and images anytime, anywhere!

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